When the metaverse fell into a state of anarchy , there had to be someone who could keep control from the shadows…
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In 2009 Japan, when Bitcoin & the blockchain were first deployed, there was one reaction that was unaccounted for in the local server infrastructure, the reactive result of the start of the blockchain created a portal into the metaverse where inside walls bound by hashes and futuristic virtual world, was a state of complete anarchy.

The world was ruled solemnly by cyber-hackers, thief's , scammers and the net-surfers, the economy relied completely and utterly on lawless dealings and the people with the highest wallet balance were completely in control, there had to be a way for them to keep the anarchy to a minimum to protect themselves but how? After all, completely lawless world is bad for business. They needed someone to keep control, they needed an unbiased, bound-to-no one , modern day mercenaries-for hire, they called them Tainsei's. They came from the 0x5666 hash , easily indefinable by their fashion sense, masks and markings closely related to traditional Japanese culture.

This when the age of the Tainsei had begun, their only objective was amassing as much Ethereum as they could get their hands on by any means possible which lead them to being hired by the most powerful people in the metaverse and simultaneously keeping the anarchy at bay. The special units called K1 to K4 were tasked with keeping the "peace" within the lands without drawing too much attention and protecting the metaverse's most important people.

What is the point of this collection?

The Tainsei are a collection of 30 unique and randomly generated crypto-art that aim to combine japanese art with the crypto-currency pop-culture.

How can i get one & How much is it ?

Minting wil be available on November 20th right here on the website and cost 0.07 eth.

Our Amazing Team


Creative Leader & Designer

Having participated in crypto since 2017 and been on twitter since 2010 , I’ve seen many trends come & go, having grown up watching anime and reading manga, I found a way to combine all these together, I am completely devoted to the project and want to see it succeed and anyone involved to reap the benefits.

Unrevealed Artist


This small uknown artist from Indonesia was comissioned for the work and far exceed all expectations in terms of the art. When the project sells out, one of the first things will be changing his life for the better.


The Tainsei are a collection of 5,666 unique and randomly generated crypto-art that aim to combine japanese art with the crypto-currency pop-culture. The mission of the project is to curate an exclusive club as well as expand off the blockchain into a world-wide brand. All owners of the artwork get full rights to expand the universe in which way they see fit.
The love for the art & mission to succeed together is all part of the Tainsei journey. Building a community together and deciding the future of Tainsei together is our goal.
You will be able to mint one on 20 NOV on our website: https://tainsei.com/
Yes you can check out the initial roadmap at #roadmap & on the website.
Yes, we are looking to expand the brand into not only nfts but a physical world-wide brand as well.
Mint will be the only profit that will go to the creator & to pay partners Once the project is minted & all the giveaways are finished, all secondary profits will stay with the project and be used for further development(Yes , that’s correct, ALL profits will stay)